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Latest Update 11.3.05 :: New idents from TV One, TV2, Prime News and TVNZ.

New Zealand was definately a latecomer to the television age. A government committee began studying the medium in 1949, and allowed experimental broadcasts to begin from 1951 (as long as they did not show anything classed as 'entertianment'). Experimental broadcasts first began in 1953 with an exhibition of colour TV at the Auckland A&P Show. Two experimental stations were later licensed; 1XXB at Bell Radio TV Corporation in Dominion Road, and 1XXR at the then Seddon Memorial Tech College (now Auckland Technical University), both broadcasting on the 405 line system. When television officially began it was broadcast on the PAL 625 system and the experimental stations were taken off the air. The government gave the go-ahead for television in November 1959, with the first official transmission being broadcast to Auckland by AKTV2 (which became TV One) from 7.30pm on Wednesday, 1 June 1960.

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